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Wicked Vision is about reimagining the world of consumer goods.  We promise to infuse every product with an essence of fun, quirkiness, community, value and an underlying sense of purpose.


With the introduction of each new brand, we aim to become a global market leader in its category, breeding inspiration, innovation, excitement and fostering smiles along the way.

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Wicked Vision Limited

162-164 Upper Richmond Road

London SW15 2SL

United Kingdom

t +44 (0)203 195 1565



Cultivating a fun, positive environment and culture where the organization and its employees actively seek to motivate, encourage, uplift, and empower themselves and others.


Encouraging a culture of creativity, continuous improvement, and adaptability to drive growth and competitiveness.


Upholding honesty, respect, transparency, pride and ethical conduct in all facets of the business.


Valuing and promoting diversity in all its forms and ensuring an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Company Values


We've been creating fun, edgy, active, sports and skill toys for over 20 years! Wicked is now a leading global toy brand that gets backsides off seats and eyes off screens.

Vodiac brings the world of virtual reality to all.  Unleash the power of your smartphone to discover the incredible world of immersive entertainment.


Suneez are dedicated to protecting young eyes from harmful rays by creating high quality, fun, affordable, colourful sunglasses to care for the eyes of children around the world.

Let's Explore

Using the power of your smartphone and the magic of augmented and virtual reality technology - Let's Explore makes learning captivating, fun and truly immersive.

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